Congratulations on signing up for the 2016 Run for the Toad 25k. You will be joining 1250 other hearty souls on a magnificent trail running experience!

If this is your first introduction to trail running this is a perfect course for you. The trail is very well groomed and offers some great scenic vistas of the surrounding forest and countryside. Where possible I would certainly recommend getting some of your training done on a trail if you are coming from a road running background. While not all training is necessary to do on trail it will certainly make things go smoother race day by doing some.

The course offers very few flat sections, and at the same time very few extended climbs. The course is very rolling and the longest climb shouldn't take you much longer than 90 seconds. About 60% of the course is shaded and there are some exposed sections in the grassy meadows. Weather has come in all forms at the Run for the Toad from snow and hail to gorgeous 70F sun. Aid stations are ample on the course as well. If you use a run/walk program based on time I recommend scrapping that and doing what the course allows.

I hope you enjoy not only the event itself, but the training to prep yourself for the event! It certainly will be a memorable experience. The program presented here is designed to prepare the runner "to complete" the event in a time of 2:20 to 3 hours.

Happy trails!
Ryne (Montrail Team Member, 2008 50k Winner)

Run For The Toad 25k Training Program - to complete
June 12 - June 18Off4km steady4km slow3km slowOff7km LSDOff18km
June 19 - June 25Off4km steady4km slow3km slowOff8km LSD4km slow23km
June 25 - July 3Off5km slow4km steady4km slowOff10km LSDOff23km
July 4 - July 10Off6km slow5km slow4km steadyOff7km LSD5km slow27km
July 11 - July 16Off6km slow5km slow4km steadyOff11km LSD4km slow30km
July 17 - July 23Off5km slow5km steady5km slowOff12km LSD5km slow33km
July 24 - July 30Off5km slow3 x hillsOffOff14km LSDOff28km
July 31- Aug 6Off5km slow4 x hills5km slowOff8km LSD6km slow34km
Aug 7 - Aug 13OffOff5 x hills6km slowOff16km LSD5km slow38km
Aug 14 - Aug 20Off7km slow7km tempoOffOff18km LSDOff32km
Aug 21 - Aug 27OffOff3 x 1km speed6km slowOff12km LSD6km slow33km
Aug 28 - Sept 3Off6km slow5 x 800m speed6km slowOff20km LSDOff42km
Sept 4 - Sept 10Off5km steady8 x 400m speed6km slowOff22km LSDOff42km
Sept 11 - Sept 17Off6km slow7km tempo5km slowOff14km LSD5km slow37km
Sept 18 - Sept 24Off6km steady7km slow5km steadyOff10km LSD6km slow34km
Sept 25 - Oct 1Off6km slow7km steadyOff3km slow25km Toad Race!3km walk44km
  1. mile repeats are meant to be done on flat road or a track and at a pace that would simulate 10k race pace
  2. hill intervals are to be done on a grade that is aggressive but managable to run the entire way. Again the effort should be 10k race pace
  3. any run of length greater than 10k should be at a very relaxed pace and feel effortless cardio-wise
  4. any run of less than 10k can be a little brisker (i.e. In between 10k and half-marathon race pace)

Download Training Program in MS Excel format