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Why is running growing in popularity?

Running allows you to speed up the metabolism of the body, cleanse the body of harmful elements, increase the production of cortisol, a hormone known as anti-stress. The physiological impact of amateur running on the human body, perhaps, is difficult to overestimate. While running, the largest muscles, such as the hips and chest, are loaded, and consequently, the energy consumption, and at the same time, the fat burning process during the run is colossal!
Perhaps due to its accessibility and effectiveness, running is becoming the #1 trend among people following a healthy lifestyle.

Why do people run marathons?

Overcoming 42 km is a cherished goal for a large number of runners. But what motivates those who decide to set themselves such a difficult task for an ordinary person? We decided to choose the most common reasons why people run a race.

To overcome difficulties. For many beginner runners, even 10 km seems like a tough challenge. A marathon is seen as a race of the most persistent, strong and hardy athletes. Naturally, there is a desire to stand with them on the same level. Overcoming such a challenge increases self-esteem, self-confidence. There is a belief that if this is subdued, then everything else can be done.

Collection of achievements. There are people who collect certain amateur-level sports achievements in their collection. For example, conquer Elbrus, run a race, squeeze a 100 kg barbell, pull yourself up 30 times. Therefore, having come to the run and having completed the task, they immediately leave it.

To win a dispute. It isn’t the most common reason. But it also has a place. Often it all starts with the fact that someone talks about how he runs 20 km every morning. As a result, it forces a person to prepare for a race in a month, or even less.

What famous marathons do exist?

Perhaps the most famous series of races in the world is the World Marathon Majors. The events that are included in this series (Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Tokyo) are considered among the most significant road races in the world. Every year more than 200,000 people participate in them, and the number of spectators is in the millions.

The Boston Marathon

To register for the Boston race participation, you need to prove that you are really capable of completing the race distance, and in a certain time. To prove your qualification, you need to run one of the races with a certified route, meeting the time limit set by the organizers for your age group. The shelf life of this qualification is not infinite.
If you have proof of qualification, wait for the next registration to open and fill out the participant questionnaire. Unfortunately, fulfilling the standard does not guarantee getting into the list of participants, but it significantly increases your chances when drawing places.

Virgin London Marathon

To participate in the London Marathon, you will have to take part in the lottery, as the guaranteed registration according to the qualifying standard only works for residents of the UK. The number of those who want to get into the race traditionally far exceeds the number of lucky ones who still manage to reach the distance. In 2019, the organizers received a record number of applications – 414,168!
For everyone else, there is an alternative way – participation through charitable foundations. The number of places in the race for each fund is limited, but at least here you do not depend on citizenship, running speed or luck: to apply, you need to write a short essay and tell why you want to run the marathon from a particular organization.

BMW Berlin Marathon

If you want to participate in the Berlin Marathon, you will also have to participate in the lottery. You can try your luck alone or apply as a team – if you win a place in the race, then all together.
You can, of course, meet the qualification standard, but for this you need to run so fast that most of our readers still have to participate in the lottery. However, there are a couple more ways to guarantee entry to this running event: apply through a charity or through a tour operator.

Chicago Marathon

You are eligible to enter this race if you have finished five or more Chicago Marathons in the last 10 years or you have met the qualifying standard (3:15 for men and 3:45 for women). For those who do not qualify and have not run the required number of Chicago races, it remains to participate in the lottery.

TCS New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon is traditionally held on the first Sunday in November. Registration takes place in the form of a lottery. It is guaranteed that you can apply for the marathon if you fulfill the qualification standard, which is determined every year.
Participation from charitable foundations is very popular in New York, you can find lists of partner foundations on the official website of the marathon, the main one of these partners is the NYRR Team for Kids program.

Tokyo marathon

The Tokyo Marathon has been held since 2004 and only since 2013 has been included in the World Majors. Registration traditionally opens at the end of summer, and the marathon itself takes place at the end of February. In order to get into the number of participants, you need to take part in the lottery by filling out an application on the site. Another option is to meet the qualification standard for the new run as 1 program: men need to have a race result of 2:45, women – of 3:30. You can also try to apply through an official charitable foundation.