Nowadays people pay more attention to their nutrition, healthy habits, lifestyle, and physical activity. Jogging is the most accessible sports activity because to start running, you do not need to prepare in advance and have special skills. If you want to integrate this activity into your life, start now.

Most experts recommend jogging according to your rhythm and your regime of the day. If it’s difficult for you to get up earlier and do some sports, evening jogging is more suitable for you. If, on the contrary, you are a person, full of energy and strength at dawn, and sleepy after work in the evening, choose an early run.

Both morning and evening jogging have their benefits. Morning jogging gives a charge of vivacity for the whole day, cheers up, and brings the body into tone. Jogging in the evening relieves stress after a busy day at work and provides sound sleep.
Regardless of the time of day, jogging is both a useful physical activity, and a change in the type of activity, and getting pleasure.

Should you do sports on an empty stomach?

Note that for weight loss it is better to run in the morning while being hungry. In this way, the body contains the lowest level of glycogen, which means that fat burning will occur faster. However, if the run is long and the workout is intense, it is worth having a little snack and drinking tea an hour and a half before class.
However, if morning physical activity is not appropriate for you, do it in the evenings. Keep in mind that jogging and going to bed should have a break of about 3-4 hours. This way you will save yourself from insomnia.

What else beginners should know?

If you run at dawn, then 15-30 minutes before this, eat something light and drink water. This will avoid those negative aspects that we talked about above: a hungry faint and a load on the heart due to thick blood. The main thing is that the product is instantly absorbed. Options are a carbohydrate sports drink, banana and water, sweet tea or coffee.
For beginners, it’s right to run not on asphalt! Grass, a dirt track, a rubber surface in a school stadium – that’s what you need. If there are no options other than asphalt, be sure to buy special shoes with a high degree of cushioning. Otherwise, when you land, all of your weight will fall on your knees and spine. And go for a walk more often.

What running technique should a novice use?

There are many schools that argue about the ideal jogging technique. Proper running for beginners begins with a warm-up, however, advanced enthusiasts also need to warm up their muscles and stretch their joints. Usually this is a quick walk with arms bent at the chest, then a series of squats, lunges, flexion-extension of the arms.
A beginner should run as follows: lean forward slightly, do not slouch, breathe evenly and do not pull your leg too far forward. Do not raise your legs high, do not try to bring your knee to your chest or touch your buttocks with your heel. At the same time, do not “stick” your foot into the asphalt.

You can breathe through your nose or mouth – again, it depends on your anatomical features. Some coaches require you to put your foot fully on the ground or inhale exclusively through your nose. Remember that running is a natural human movement. Therefore, for a beginner, it is correct to run in a style that is convenient for him personally, using only basic recommendations.