High-quality equipment will make your training comfortable at any time of the year. It is important to dress in such a way that you do not overheat in the summer and do not freeze in the cold season.

Shoes. Choose shoes with good cushioning that are designed specifically for jogging. This is equally important when jogging on asphalt and cross-country. Do not wear sneakers, football boots, or other non-designated footwear. This will lead to injury.

Leggings, shorts. Leggings are not blown by the wind, and do not give resistance when jogging. In sports stores, you can choose models of any color, material and style. In the summer it is convenient to do sports in shorts.

T-shirt, jacket. In summer, wear loose-fitting T-shirts made from thin materials. The fabric should be well ventilated and not restrict movement. In winter, it is best to dress in layers. For example, long-sleeved thermal underwear, a T-shirt and a windbreaker. Such equipment will be quite enough for training in weather down to -10 -12 degrees.

Principles of proper running technique

In order for the training to be efficient and safe, you need to do jogging correctly, otherwise the load on the knee, ankle joints, and also on the spine increases. Let’s look at the basic principles of proper jogging for beginners on the street:
Choose a comfortable pace. Determine the distance you want to cover and don’t try to run fast. Choose a pace that is comfortable for you and try to keep it for the entire distance.

Do a workout. Start jogging, trying not to hold your breath. If it gets hard, take a step. When your breath returns, continue jogging at a steady pace. Don’t skip this part of the workout. Unheated muscles are the path to sprains and injuries.
Set the correct body position. A very important factor that will help you run correctly! Try to look forward without throwing your head back and without lowering your legs.
Observe the correct positioning of the foot. This is the most important element of proper jogging. For beginners, placing the foot on the middle part is suitable.

What do you need to master the correct running technique?

  • Typical mistakes of novices are – running from the heel, on half-bent legs, taking out an almost straight leg.
  • Bring forward not the whole leg, not the thigh.
  • Make a landing of the foot on its middle part.
  • Make the first touch of the foot on its front part.
  • Straighten your back, relax your shoulders and straighten them.
  • Bend your elbows, relax them and move close to your body.
  • Do not forget about indicators such as pace and heart rate, they will make your training longer and cover more distance. Fitness bracelets and sports watches are suitable for control. With them, training will be more interesting and easier.

How to start running for beginners?

Decide why you want to start jogging. For example, lose weight, improve your health, increase endurance, or run a long marathon at least once in your life. One goal requires long and hard training, and the second just an easy run.
Beginners need to run at a speed that is called conversational. That is, you can keep up a conversation without choking. If you’ve only ever done sprint training in PE class at school, don’t sprint right away. It is better to start training with walking. If you can easily walk 10,000 steps, then you can move on to alternating walking and light jogging. It looks like this: run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes. Repeat the circle about 5-6 times. With increased endurance, increase the number of laps and speed of jogging.